Summer in the Snowies Pics from the SINS or Summer in the snowies rides. The inaugral event was held in Feb 2006. Traditionally OzVfr does this trip to Jindabyne each Febuary.
  • SINS 2006 17 photos The First Ever Summer in the Snowies Trip. SINS 2006
  • SINS 2007 26 photos Lets do it again! Last year was so good, lets do it all over again. SINS 2007
  • SINS 2008 15 photos Back to the Snowies Another year in the Snowies with OzVFR SINS 2008
  • SiNS 2011 44 photos Another year, another SiNS Once more for luck SiNS 2011
  • SINS 2012 15 photos Another Summer in the Snowies. SINS 2012