Steven Walter Charity Ride The Snowy Ride, is an organised charity ride held in the NSW Snowy Mountains,every year since 2001. All Funds raised go to the Steven Walter Fund, which in turn supports the Childrens Cancer Institute. We have attended every year since its inception,as it is a great event. OzVfr has attended as a group, ever since the 2002 ride.
  • Snowy Ride 2017 28 photos Another trip to Moose's for the Snowy Ride Snowy Ride 2017
  • Snowy Ride 2016 36 photos Another great year in the Snowies Snowy Ride 2016
  • Snowy Ride-2001 2 photos The very first Snowy Ride Snowy Ride-2001
  • Snowy Ride-2002 12 photos The first OzVfr Run Ok, sorry, but we had a film camera at this point in time. More pics will be added as i get time to scan them. Fantastic Trip, memorable event was Muz actually attending on a borrowed bike, and binning it. Snowy Ride-2002
  • Snowy Ride-2003 1 photo Lets do it again! Well, the word got out how much fun we had last year, so here we are again. But, we still had a film camera, so yes, i need to scan more pics. Snowy Ride-2003
  • Snowy Ride-2004 18 photos And here we are again Another great year in the Snowies. Snowy Ride-2004
  • Snowy Ride-2005 6 photos Another good year Another good turnout this year. Sandra stayed at home for this one, i guess thats why i didn't take so many pics this time. Snowy Ride-2005
  • Snowy Ride-2006 6 photos Maybe the last? Maybe the last year that we attend, will see what 2007 brings. Snowy Ride-2006
  • Snowy Ride 2007 9 photos The Sixth Snowy Ride Another Year, another trip to Mooses Snowy Ride 2007
  • Snowy Ride - 2008 9 photos One more year at the Snowies Another year, another blast around the mountain. Snowy Ride - 2008
  • Snowy Ride 2009 18 photos Another year, another Snowy Ride! Another Snowy Ride! Snowy Ride 2009
  • Snowy Ride 2010 36 photos The 10th Anniversary Ride Another year another Snowy Ride, this one being the 10th Anniversary of the event. Snowy Ride 2010
  • Snowy Ride 2011 34 photos Another gorgeous year in the Snowies Snowy Ride 2011
  • Snowy Ride - 2012 32 photos Another absolutely faboulous weekend in the Snowy Mountains. Snowy Ride - 2012
  • Snowy Ride - 2013 36 photos The 13th Snowy Ride, another glorious year in the mountains. Snowy Ride - 2013
  • Snowy Ride - 2014 15 photos Another year in the Snowies with OzVfr Snowy Ride - 2014